Spider with wings or moth? You decide…

so a friend of mine sent me this picture and I am unable to find anything about it. If you can provide information that would be great! This little guy was found on a house located in Central Florida. 

Thanks for the help in advance!


Book Research

With the heavy usage of cell phones, tablets, etc… I am reaching out to see what the majority thinks of a certain situation before adding it into one of our books. 

Here we go: guy and girl are dating long term. Girl always leaves her phone laying around, no password and you can always tell when shes getting a message of any kind. She doesn’t hide her typing or who she is talking to. Now the guy… he has no password on his phone, lays it face down when not in use, turns the phone away when typing on it (doesnt matter the app being used) and has all notifications on actual sound except messaging and social media. His messaging and social media do not have a sound or vibrate at all. When he gets a phone call he typically walks into another room, away from her.

So, with that in mind, I am curious to see where everyone goes with this. What do you think he is up to? Is he cheating? Is he super private? Is he an under cover operative for the CIA? 

Let’s hear some chatter…I want to know your thoughts!

This is not a joke!

Two guys come stumbling out of the bar. Male A asks male B where he is going. Male B replies “I am leaving. We have work at 7 am!” Male A says “I’m going back inside!”

Male A goes inside the bar and a few minutes later male B follows suit.

About 10 minutes go by and both guys come stumbling out of the bar again. This time it appears to be an agreed upon time to head home. At this point I am not sure what happened as I was about to pull away when I hear these two males arguing. Male A then shoves male B, who falls horribly and slides off the curb and into the road. (Thankfully the person driving down the road was paying attention *high amounts of pokestops for you pokemon go players* and stopped in time before smashing into male B’s head.)

Male B gets up and swings on male A. Its a connect. They trade punches back and forth a couple times. Evidently this caused male B to get really angry because he just went crazy with the hits. Left. Right. Upper cut. Jab. He went to town.

After about 2 minutes of male B swinging all over male A, male A breaks loose and starts to walk away while male B yells “Really! Really! You wanna hit me?! Swing then bitch!” Male A ignores the taunt and keeps walking.

Heres the “punchline”…

Neither male shook hands, apologized, hugged…nothing. But as male A continued to walk and ignore male B, male B ended up shutting his mouth and followed male A home quietly!